Some of our friends


Here is a list of our favorite links. We hope this list helps you find support materials for studying the Word "Rightly Divided."

Pastor Bill and our friends at Inwardman Fellowship Church

Forgotten Truths with Richard Jordan

9 pm Saturday nights on channel 367 Direct TV

Also, broadcast at the same time, on the internet at http://www.lesea.com/wht./watch-live/



Richard Jordan



The Berean Bible Society

Wonderful source for Grace materials on several topics.  Thank you Pastors Sadler, Kurth, and all of the wonderful folks at the BBS. 



Through the Bible with Les Feldick

Les Feldick's awesome teaching style has made Bible study exciting.  I must have almost all of the CD's and DVD'S and the question and answer book is the best $11 buy available.  Thanks Les!


Bible Doctrines to Live By

Another wonderful source of Grace materials. 


2 Brothers Ministries(Phil and Joe)


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